Live Game Day Capture


Capture your video to your laptop at the same time as you record it. 

Connect your camera directly to your computer, and not only can you capture while you record, but APEX will automatically clip the game into plays as you go.













































































































































































Coaches Corner

What Football Coaches are Saying about APEX Video Editing Software

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Bill O'Boyle, Head Coach, Chadron St. College

"APEX has been a huge addition to our program. We use it everyday for breaking down trade films and our own games. The time and effort it saves my staff and I is priceless."

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Ralph Munger, Head Coach, Rockford HS, MI

“APEX’s staff and technical support far exceeded our expectations. As coaches we recognize quality and dependability when we see it. APEX and its staff are the best.”

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Chuch Markiewicz, Head Coach, Arundel HS, MD

"We feel like in the last year APEX has made a huge difference in how we approach game preparation."

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Santos Carrillo, Head Coach, Swarco Raiders Tirol, Innsbruck, Austria

"APEX was a huge help for us winning the European Championship this year. Allowing us to give film to each of our players on USB sticks was the easiest and quickest way to get cutups to our players."

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George Mihalik, Head Coach, Slippery Rock University

"Now that we have used APEX's Voice Recognition to enter our data, I couldn't imagine ever typing again."

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Paul Maechtle, Head Coach, Bradenton Southeast HS, FL

"APEX helps improve the overall speed and effieciency of recruiting. I never want to go back to mailing tape."

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Terry Smith, Head Coach, Gateway HS, PA

“We’re able to maximize every minute of film with our players because of the APEX system. Being able to send home film definitely gives us an advantage over our opponents.”

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Sample Video Clips

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“If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, BUT not in the case of APEX. It is a time-saving, organized system that presents the best results to improve your overall efficiency in planning against your opponents. APEX is simply the best product on the market.”


Ken Schmidt, Waterford Mott HS, MI

“St Joseph By-the-Sea’s success this year was greatly supported by the efficiency of the APEX software. It contributed heavily to our AAA Bowl Championship.”


Greg Manos, St Joseph By-the-Sea HS, NY

"Like many other high school coaches, I was given free software by another company. Simply put, it didn't work. I then became hesitant on spending money for software. After hearing great reviews about the program, I decided to give APEX a chance. APEX has been the best spent dollar for our football program. I can't ever imagine breaking down film without it. I learned it in less than one hour."


Tim Racki, Nazareth Academy, IL

“APEX helps improve the overall speed and efficiency of recruiting. I can direct a college coach to our team website while we’re on the phone, allowing for instant feedback on my players. I never want to go back to mailing tape.”


Paul Maechtle, Bradenton South East HS, FL

“In our first year using APEX, our school had their best record since 1979. We also made the playoffs for the first time since 1978. APEX had a great role in our success this fall.”


 Jeff Oeming, North Carroll HS, MD

“APEX has advanced our program beyond what we thought was possible. Our ability to break down game tapes and get info from that tape within 24 hours has increased our preparation exponentially.”


 Marc Salazar, Golden West HS, CA

“APEX is easily manageable and a good teaching tool. We like the fact that it’s mobile, and can move from room to room. We use it every single day.”


Tom Sawyer, Winona State University

“I’ve had experience with several of the more expensive video editing systems out there, and APEX is by far the most coach-friendly I have ever used. That being said, the reports we get are still the most clear and detailed ones out there.”


Mark Bell, China Spring HS, TX

“We at Upper St Clair take pride in our preparation for each opponent. We wanted an editing system that would maximize our efforts. The APEX program has proven to be that system, and it is backed up by a support staff that is committed to our staff every step of the way.”


Jim Render, Upper St Clair HS, PA

“APEX’s staff and technical support far exceeded our expectations. When we have a question someone has always been there to answer. As coaches we recognize quality and dependability when we see it. APEX and its staff are the best.”


Ralph Munger, Rockford HS, MI

We’ve had great success working with APEX’s Voice Recognition. Our reports are clearer, more accurate, and in our hands sooner. Now that we have used APEX’s Voice Recognition to enter our data, I couldn’t imagine ever typing again.”


George Mihalik, Slippery Rock University

“APEX has cut our opponent breakdown time in half. We can now spend more time game planning, and the cutup features have made our kids more prepared on Friday night.”


Kyle Tucker, Holliday HS, TX

“After using another program in the past, I was amazed at the time APEX saved us cutting tape. We went from 6-8 hours to 2.”


 Andy Schaffer, Cory-Rawson HS, OH

“APEX has proven to be an outstanding addition to our program. For the film viewing for our players alone, it is outstanding. Additionally, we do all of our scouting analysis off the film breakdowns on APEX, we use it as a teaching aid for all of our teams, and we can quickly show our players the best plays of our opponents.”


Lewis Simms, Moss Point HS, MS

“APEX saved our coaching staff lots of time with film breakdown and cutups. We were able to spend more time preparing for our opponents and it gave us valuable scouting information that used to take us hours to do.”


Jed Davis, Mayflower HS, AR

"Our DC and OC are able to use the tendencies and reports in APEX to figure out exactly what our opponents are doing in any situation during the game. We feel like in the last year APEX has made a huge difference in how we approach game preparation."


Chuck Markiewicz, Arundel HS, MD

"The APEX system has become such an integral part of our program. We use it daily in and out of season. APEX is an extremely efficient teaching tool. We are able to streamline our work on the weekends and take it to the practice field on Monday. Our players have become very good at using the system to study our opponent. It is a fantastic system at a great price.”


Pete Bendorf, South County Secondary HS, VA

“APEX saves time, especially when on the road. Support comes from a real human being on the phone, not a computerized list of choices. You don’t have to be a computer expert to use this ‘coach-proof’ software.”


Doug Peacock, Mt. Vernon HS, IN

“APEX has allowed our program to join the 21st century. We get ten times the benefit of film study with about half the time commitment we previously had to invest.”


Mike Marr, Westby HS, WI

“This is absolutely the very best in Football Video Software. Tech support is phenomenal! I recommend it to everyone.”


Jamie Norris, Marlboro County HS, SC

“We won at least two games this year because our players were so prepared. APEX makes it easy to get the right information to our players. We were never surprised by anything our opponents did this season.”


Matt Fulham, Westhampton Beach HS, NY

“APEX is a great product. It is like having two extra coaches on your staff.”


Steve Jones, Biloxi HS, MS

“I had a question that needed answered at 6:30 a.m. I called - they answered. That tells me that they care about the success and hard work of coaches.”


Dan Spittal, Eastern HS, NJ

“We were 2-8 in 2006, and 4-7 in 2007. This year with APEX we finished 9-2 with the best defense in the county. APEX really helped our staff study more, and allowed our kids to see their mistakes. Its been a great teaching tool.”


 LeVon Haynes, Vanden HS, CA

“Great program. TREMENDOUS SUPPORT SYSTEM. I feel like I’m in the 21st century now!”


Bob Spaite, Columbiana HS, OH

“Everybody at APEX has been great. From the initial setup to the continued support, the APEX staff has been great in helping us get comfortable using this excellent program.”


Jon Barton, Hollidaysburg Area HS, PA

“APEX is the best video editing tool in my 22 years of coaching football. It has definitely improved our preparation for opponents, assessment of our own tendencies, and ability to teach our schemes and techniques to our own players.”


Greg Bronson, Lockport HS, NY

“I am very impressed by the power of APEX. The time- saving tools are endless and worth at least one win a year. ”


Andre Dobson, Northside Christian HS, FL