Tendencies & Reports


APEX offers the most complete Tendencies and Reporting package in football!

* Formations Report
* Downs Report
* Hash Report
* Hole Chart
* Series Report
* Top Plays Report
* Hit Chart
* Drive Chart
* Field Zone Report
* Futures Report
* And Many More...



Jason Boring

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Mike McMunn

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Matt Newcomer

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Melissa Phares - Office Staff

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John Thompson

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Dan Domski

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Coaches Corner

What Football Coaches are Saying about APEX Video Editing Software

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Bill O'Boyle, Head Coach, Chadron St. College

"APEX has been a huge addition to our program. We use it everyday for breaking down trade films and our own games. The time and effort it saves my staff and I is priceless."

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George Mihalik, Head Coach, Slippery Rock University

"Now that we have used APEX's Voice Recognition to enter our data, I couldn't imagine ever typing again."

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Chuch Markiewicz, Head Coach, Arundel HS, MD

"We feel like in the last year APEX has made a huge difference in how we approach game preparation."

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Paul Maechtle, Head Coach, Bradenton Southeast HS, FL

"APEX helps improve the overall speed and effieciency of recruiting. I never want to go back to mailing tape."

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Santos Carrillo, Head Coach, Swarco Raiders Tirol, Innsbruck, Austria

"APEX was a huge help for us winning the European Championship this year. Allowing us to give film to each of our players on USB sticks was the easiest and quickest way to get cutups to our players."

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Terry Smith, Head Coach, Gateway HS, PA

“We’re able to maximize every minute of film with our players because of the APEX system. Being able to send home film definitely gives us an advantage over our opponents.”

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Ralph Munger, Head Coach, Rockford HS, MI

“APEX’s staff and technical support far exceeded our expectations. As coaches we recognize quality and dependability when we see it. APEX and its staff are the best.”

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